“We repaired 63,281 pairs of jeans and collected 11,573 pairs. This means we saved 50,000 kilos of textile waste just by repairing jeans” – Nudie Jeans.


Nudie Jeans are recognised for their work with sustainability, they aim to be the most sustainable denim company. Nudie Jeans promises you free repairs on your jeans no matter when or where you purchased them.


At Porters, we want to offer you the best quality jeans that will last you years. ‘Your jeans tell a story’. We focus on longevity; we know that garments you love – you keep.



How are Nudie Jeans sustainable?


All their jeans are made from 100% organic cotton and transparent production. Saving the amount of water used to produce one pair of jeans is possible by carefully selecting and visiting the cotton fields making sure they are using organic cotton and more effective irrigation. This is what Nudie Jeans have done when they source their cotton from Turkey and India.


Once you’ve bought a pair of jeans, Nudie offers repair stations where you can restore your jeans no matter how old they are. Nudie then also rebirth any customers pre-loved jeans into a new denim fabric, (the Rebirth collection).


“To prolong the life of a garment is even more sustainable than recycling” – Nudie Jeans


Why do they use organic cotton?


Organic cotton has a low impact on the environment and is grown without any toxic chemicals and negative effect on air, water and soil like the conventional cotton does. Conventional cotton has a huge impact on people’s health in cotton-farming areas, unlike organic cotton.



“With organic cotton, we reduce our environmental impact from the very first step in the process of making a pair of jeans”Nudie Jeans



Our Favourites


Lean Dean Dry Everblack


Jeans with a slim, comfortable tapered fit made in Nudie’s organic cotton stretch denim. The Everblack fabric is made to maintain its colour for as long as possible.


Lean Dean Dark Deep Worn


Slim fit jeans that taper evenly from the hip down to the ankle. These are made in the comfortable power stretch denim with a deep, indigo shade.


Tight Terry Rinse Twill


Jeans with a mid waist and tight fit made in organic power stretch denim. The power stretch denim makes the jeans fit tightly and comfortably all over.






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