At Porters, we provide you with brands that care about the fabric they source, the impact they have on the environment, the production process and the quality of the products.

We are conscious buyers of brands we know you will love. We want to play our part in doing better, to be better.

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Nudie Jeans are recognised for their work with sustainability, they aim to be the most sustainable denim company. Nudie Jeans promises you free repairs on your jeans no matter when or where you purchased them.

“We repaired 63,281 pairs of jeans and collected 11,573 pairs. This means we saved 50,000 kilos of textile waste just by repairing jeans” – Nudie Jeans.

All their jeans are made 100% from organic cotton and transparent production.

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Universal Works make a conscious effort to be a more sustainable brand.

Many of Universal Works’ collections are made from organic or recyclable materials, including the wool used for their knitwear. All Universal Works 'save the jersey’ tees are made from 100% recycled or organic cotton. Their packaging is always recyclable.

Universal Works create long-lasting products. Their customers see the longevity of the clothing and have the mentality of “buying less but better”.

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Replay further reinforce their focus on sustainability with the introduction of the Anbass Hyperflex Re-used denim, using re-used cotton or recycled polyester.


The Anbass Hyperflex Cloud jean produces no toxic wastes and saves up to 75% of water.

The Anbass Hyperflex Bio fabric respects the environment while maintaining its innovative technology that combines the authentic denim look with the highest comfort.

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Oliver Spencer pays close attention to sustainability throughout his company. Transparent relationships have been created with a network of suppliers, locating the manufacturing in the UK and Portugal. The brand focuses on using less energy, water and chemicals when creating fabrics, using organic cotton and high quality, longevity British wool.

“Excessive amounts of water and the insecticides used in conventional cotton growing are toxic for humans and the natural environment.” - Oliver Spencer

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Selected Femme strives for quality over quantity, creating collections that are never out of style but are built to last.

“To accelerate fashion’s journey towards a sustainable reality”

With the Fashion Industry having a significant impact, Selected Femme creates a positive change by using resources efficiently, countering climate change and promoting equality and safe working conditions.

Scotch & Soda are precise in selecting who they work with, only operating with factories and suppliers where it’s fair, safe and healthy working conditions.

“We embrace the challenge to create sustainable fashion, with a particular focus on preserving water and improving working conditions within the industry.” — Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda are part of the Business Social Compliance Initiative, who are committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain. Scotch & Soda currently work with the Better Cotton Initiative. By 2025, their goal is to source 100% Better Cotton.

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